...Thoughts on Safety - Wellness...

In one line...I support the enforcement of city by-laws and the VicPD!

Everyone deserves to feel safe in our city...and that should include the members of VicPD!!

I support moving towards a Community Policing Model, as well as the implementation of co-response teams.
All of this requires funding, and moving away from a population-based funding model and towards funding based on the actual service load, geography, and the like. A combination of better funding, improved methods and approaches as mentioned would go a long way to relieving the stresses on VicPD members, as well as providing better, more responsive service to the community.

Here is a link to the VCPU zoom call where you can see and hear my thoughts at the 23:43, 58:48, and 1:06:04 minute marks, as well as a few other candidates.

VCPU zoom call!